Common Questions - Finding Freedom
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Common Questions

01 Apr Common Questions

Common Questions – Part 1 – Is Addiction a Disease?; What about Harm Reduction?; Difference between a slip and a relapse; Doesn’t the study of Complex Trauma just blame our parents?

Common Questions – Part 2 – What about my children? When will I be ready to date, go back to work, get my children back, move out on my own?

Common Questions – Part 3 – Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome

Common Questions – Part 4 – Most Common Underlying Issues – Shame, Value, Anger, Resentments

Common Questions – Part 5 – Most Common Underlying Issues – Guilt, Loss, Codependence, Boundaries

Common Questions – Part 6 – What to do if loved one is an addict

Common Questions – Part 7 – 5 People Inside Of Me