Live Meetings - Finding Freedom
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Finding Freedom is a recovery program whose meetings operate on the premise that drug/alcohol addiction and other harmful habits are serious problems, but they are, more accurately, symptoms of even deeper problems (Complex Trauma). In fact, these harmful habits, that were initially seen as solutions to life’s problems, ultimately created the chaos in our lives.

If we want to find freedom from the harmful habits that control our lives, we must first honestly face these painful underlying issues. It is through this journey that we will find healing.


Finding Freedom’s recovery program consists of three elements:

  1. Understanding Complex Trauma
  2. The wisdom of the 12-Step Programs
  3. The teaching of the Bible

Finding Freedom also operates on the premise that recovery is not just for addicts. Everyone is broken to some degree. All of us have underlying issues that have become hurtful to us. We all need healing and growth in our own lives and in our relationships. At Finding Freedom, we all meet on level ground; no one is superior to anyone else.

Our Locations

Friday 6:30 pm @ RIVERWOOD

Finding Freedom moved to Riverwood on May 4, 2018.  Friday nights at Riverwood begin in the main auditorium of The Factory. 125+ people attend the large group meeting which includes music and a talk.  After the first hour, there are small groups available.  They are a safe place where people can build relationships and share about what they learned from that night’s teaching, and struggles and victories they are experiencing in their own Recovery.


Small groups @ Riverwood

– Orientation (Co-ed)
– Addiction (Men)
– Addiction (Women)
– Food Addiction (Women)

257 Riverton Avenue

Wednesday 7pm @ Pathway Community Church – Winkler

Wednesday nights at Pathway begin in the large multipurpose room on the second floor. This meeting starts April 4, 2018.  Finding Freedom at Pathway aims to be a safe place for Christians and non-Christians alike. We refer to Jesus as our Higher Power but avoid being “pushy”. We want everyone to feel welcome to join us on our recovery journey.


Small groups @ Winkler

– Addiction (Men)
– Addiction (Women)

Entrance is through the front door off the parking lot. Coffee and snacks are available starting around 6:00 pm, with the large group meeting beginning at 6:30 pm. Small groups are optional and run from 7:40-8:30 pm. Child care is temporarily not available.

252 6th St, Winkler